10+ Free Movie Apps for Android

Free movie apps for android: We have seen many technological advancements in the inception of the 21st century. Researchers and scientists have represented some incredible devices that are not only used to communicate with each other but also for entertainment and many other reasons. This device is known as Smartphone. You can also call it a well-developed version of a mobile phone. Smartphones work on different platforms and provide plenty of attractive features. Today it has been quite common to use a Smartphone. Today you can buy a quality Smartphone at affordable prices and enjoy plenty of impressive features in it like watching movies.


How is it possible to watch movies on Smartphone?

There are many free movie apps for android available, which offer free access to their movie collections. All you need to do is just download a reliable online movie watching app and use it whenever you want some entertainment. Today you don’t need a high-definition TV set or a computer to play movies. If your Smartphone has an online movie watching app, you can use it to watch movies anytime and anywhere you want. It is a much feasible option of getting entertained rather than watching movies on any other platform.

Is it enjoyable?

Off-course it is one of the most enjoyable ways of watching movies and TV shows. The smartphone is an integral part of our life, and we always keep it with us. If you use your Android or iOs smartphone only to make calls and internet surfing, you are not utilizing the best features of that device. Get some details on the capabilities of your Smartphone and you will know that you can use it for many enjoyable things. Listening music is typical, but watching movies in a Smartphone are a new feature.

10+ Free Movie Apps for Android

There are many apps to watch the free movies are obtainable for Android smartphones, iOs smartphones and now also for Windows smartphones. The app developers consider every potential user of the app, and they provide quality apps for all platforms. You can quickly find out these free movie apps for android in Google android app store. Well, this may take a little time to find a well-functioning app, but some knowledge about top free movie apps for android can provide you with the best apps available in the market.

1). Viewster

When it comes to watch movies online in Smartphone app, maximum people love to watch it on Viewster. Here you get many full-length movies and television shows, which are quite famous and demanded. Viewster does not stream movies illegally. It offers authorized movies in quality prints. That means you will get top quality entertainment for free on your smartphone. Today, thousands of movie lovers have downloaded these free movie apps for android app and using it on a regular basis to meet their entertainment demands. It is available for all platforms, and it runs smoothly on iOS, Android, and Microsoft platform-based smartphones.


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2). Flipps TV

Here is another renowned online movie watching app. Flipps TV is famous not only for watching movies online but also for streaming television shows online without paying any penny. This app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. There is no doubt that you get top quality movies and TV shows, but it also offers you access to a vast collection of songs. Here you can search for your favorite songs and listen online without any interruption. Flipps TV offers complete entertainment for free, and that’s what maximum Smartphone users need today.

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3). Crackle

Famous for streaming all the latest movies and TV shows, you can download Crackle as a free Android app for online movies. Crackle is an award-winning app that has earned the best reviews for its features and functions. Whether you are at home or traveling to another city, just tap on Crackle, search for the movie and watch it for free. Crackle offers you an excellent collection of latest and classic movies. It contains movies of all genres. That means you will get your favorite movies whether you love action movies or romantic movies.

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Those, who is searching for ad-free streaming of movies, they should check out “VidAngel” on their Smartphone’s app store. Streaming Movies is a free online movie streaming app that is available for all sorts of Smartphone platforms. Many Sci-Fi movies will take you on an incredible tour of the imaginary world. Today maximum people spend their money on buying DVDs and subscribing online movie sites, but Streaming Movies is a free smartphone app. There is no subscription needed, and there are no irritating ads, just find your favorite movie and watch it online.

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5). Movies by Flikster:

There is no need to waste time in checking reviews of different online movies streaming apps when you have Movies by Flikster app. It is probably the best free movie apps for android. It is available for Android smartphones, and it charges, zero bucks for streaming movies online. Movies by Flikster is available on Google Play Store for free. It takes a few minutes in downloading and a few seconds in installation and then you can start streaming movies on it.

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6). Google Play Movies & TV:

Google Play Store has great collection apps, but it also offers you many movies and TV shows. Whenever you are downloading a movie, don’t forget to install Google Play Movies & TV in your Android smartphone. This app is free for all Android platform-based smartphones plus it offers you access to thousands of enjoyable movies and TV shows. People often think that Google Play Movies will charge for its membership, but that’s not true. This app works for free and provides you complete entertainment.

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7). Netflix

Offering a free trial of 30 days, Netflix is a renowned subscription service for online streaming of videos and movies. Maximum users of Netflix love it because they get all of their favorite TV shows with full episodes. Have you ever thought that you can watch every hit movie or every famous TV series for free in an online movie & TV streaming app? If not, then it is the time to try Netflix. You get unrestricted access to many TV shows, for which you will have to pay for other apps. Netflix is not like those apps, which charge for famous movies and TV shows. It offers everything for free after subscription.

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8). Dish Anywhere

Dish Anywhere is quite similar to Direct TV. It also provides you free streaming of movies and TV shows anywhere you want. People can create their accounts and share their recorded videos without paying a single buck to the app. Today’s smartphone users need an easy interface and add-free atmosphere to watch their favorite movies. Dish Anywhere is one of the Free Movie Apps for Android because it is quite easy to operate. There are no complicated functions that often confuse users. It is available in Google Play Store for free.

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9). IMDB Movies & TV

IMDB is not a free movie apps for android, but yet it is loved by millions of movie lovers. IMDB offers you ratings and information about every released movie. Whether you like to watch Hollywood movies or any other types’ movie, IMDB provides ratings of that movie, details regarding star casting and movie reviews. It means you can check that movie is watchable or not. You can also get complete details regarding actors, actresses and musicians in IMDB app, so it is an impressive platform for all the movie lovers.

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10). MAX.NG

Max NG is an official app of Cinemax, which is a sibling to HBO. Now Cinemax is also taking part in the app business by providing movies and TV shows in its app. Max NG is offering customized Watchlist’s option via which you can select and filter movies you want to watch. There are many Hollywood movies available in the official library of Max NG. You don’t need to pay any money if you want access to movie library of this app. All you have to do is just download the app, install it and start searching movies. You will find maximum movies on Max NG and stream those movies anytime you want.

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Every day a free movie apps for android are developed and launched for Smartphones. Developers try to provide every possible feature that can improve your experience. Unlike other apps, online movie streaming apps are designed mainly to provide easy access to every new and old movie. If you are a regular online movie watcher, you may know that it seems quite time wasting to find a movie online in good quality.

Such problems never occur, if watch movies in Smartphone apps. You should utilize all the new features offered by smartphones and download a suitable online movie streaming app to watch movies. It does not take a long time in downloading, but it becomes the best source of entertainment which you can carry in your pocket.

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